Random Thoughts From a Psychotic Schizophrenic

I’m back.  I’m in a bad frame of mind, so if mindless ranting, random bursts of profanity, or crazed ramblings bother you, I’d suggest clicking on this link now.  http://www.cathomepage.com .  They have some nice kitty pictures there.  That’s the only warning, so if you are offended by any of this, call your congressperson.

I recently got an email request from a young lady who writes for The Pulp, which is a monthly newspaper kind of like the Colorado Springs Independent, or Westword in Denver, except it’s just getting started.  This lady, who said she had read this blog, wanted to ask me some questions about Bojon Town.  I agreed for one reason, because she actually called it Bojon Town in her email.  So, she sent me a list of a few questions and asked me to answer any or all of them.  I chose all.  She also said that she was really interested to hear my responses because of my last post here.  I took a long time, more than a few hours, to try to answer all of her questions.  It seemed to me that she may want some things like facts, so I tried to include as many as I could.  I also put some of my personal views.  I looked forward to the article, and they published their October edition and released it about the last day of September.

The article quoted five people.  Joe and Pam Kocman, a guy named Wade Broadhead, the young lady’s grandfather, who she didn’t name, but said he was a Bojon from Bojon Town, and me.  First off, I asked myself who Wade Broadhead was.  The article listed his connection to Bojon Town as this.  He approved Joe and Pam Kocman’s garage when he was with the Pueblo City Planners office.  That’s it.  He approved a zoning change for the founders of Eilers Heights, and that makes him an expert on Bojon Town, in the eyes of the writer of this article.  Frankly I don’t even know what he said, because his opinion fucking means nothing to me.  Joe and Pam said the usual nice things.  Everyone lives a long and healthy life, and it’s all perfect.  The young lady’s grandfather said that there was nothing wrong with the neighborhood because everyone there lived to be 100, or at least 90.  And here’s me, bitching about sick people.

What a pathetic pile of shit this turned out to be.  First off, let’s get past Wade Dickbroad, or Dick Broadwade or whatever this guy’s name is.  His opinion means less than the UPS driver that delivers to the neighborhood.  He just drove through a few times.  Joe and Pam?  They are what they are.  They own property.  They like high property values.  They even fucking annexed St. Mary’s Church as part of Eilers Heights.  How big do your balls have to be to annex a church into a fake neighborhood?  Ask Pam.  As for the nice young lady’s grandpa, she wouldn’t give me his name, so I can just make a generalization.  Old Bojon men exaggerate.  Especially to their dumbass grandkids.  My grandpa told me he saw jackrabbits bigger than deer.  Everyone lives to be 90 or 100??????  What fucking planet do you have to be from to bite on that shit?  Christ, if everyone there lived that long, why weren’t people flocking to buy land on poisonous smelters everywhere?  Maybe I’m mistaken, but the father of one of the people mentioned above died at a very early age, while that person was probably not even out of high school, but hey, everyone lives to be 100.  Nothing to see here.  If you close your eyes.  Everything is all good.

Shit.  I am fired up, but I’m tired.  Just an update for some friends.  I had a heart procedure in June.  It worked well.  Some small issues that are finally clearing up, but no atrial fibrillation since June 29th.  I have a heart monitor implanted in my chest, and every night it uploads all of my EKG info to my doctor so he can look for problems daily.  It wasn’t fun, but I feel better knowing that someone is looking out for me.  I’m down to 7 different drugs, from a high of 10.  I’m supposed to get off of 2 more soon, and I’ve cut dosages on some of them by more than half.  I think I’ll be on at least 5 of them for life, but that’s a whole lot better than it was.  I learned a lot more about the medical system.  If you can live through some of the shit that they do to you, sometimes it helps.  I have one problem that some people are envious of.  I can’t stop losing weight.  I weigh less than I did when I was in the 10th grade.  My doctor and the nurses at hospice have me on a special diet.  Anything I can eat, plus a few milk shakes every day.  So, life is getting better.  I’m still a huge burden to my wife, since she’s active and loves people, and I’m exhausted and hate everyone.  I’m still kicking, and I may just have some surprises in store for her.

I have a ton of things that I still need to say, but I think I’ll wait a bit and rest up.  I tend to turn into a diva when I’m tired or hungry, so I think I’ll go and get a Snickers.  Thanks for all of the prayers and kind thoughts that people sent my way.  It helped immensely!





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  1. Nice to have you back! I would recommend large doses of narcotics but that tends to lead to problems. Get better, but I’m envious of your weight issue, I just keep getting fatter. My inseam is no longer bigger than my waist and it seems to want to continue in that direction. Forget the CS monthly, you should have had a clue what would happen when the author said she was from CS which should be BS. Just what we need another liberal media outlet. How does the saying go? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Nobody wants the truth, they want f**king fairy tales. God love you, brother.


  2. Posted by Sharon Ziatz Graham on November 4, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    Glad to see you’re improving. And sorry about the bad experience with the published article. I’ve learned not to trust newspapers through some personal experiences, but what can you do? Sometimes publicity helps bring attention to issues. Anyway, it’s not the liberals who want things to be all shiny and bright. After all, it’s the liberals who do all the demonstrating and protesting about every little thing that’s wrong with the world. It’s property owners and corporations who don’t want anything negative to come out about what happened in Bojon Town. When I drove through my old neighborhood a couple of years ago for the first time in a dozen years I was shocked at how shoddy everything is. Well, anyway, happy that you’re feeling well enough to be grumpy ha ha. And please, folks, let’s leave right wing-left wing politics out of this. We’re all brainwashed by the propaganda we’re inundated with, again, back to the rotten media we have in this country. ~Sharon Ziatz Graham (one of the Starcer family members)


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