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Another Small Victory for Bojon Town!

We all realize that I can be a big pain in the ass when it comes to the issue of Bojon Town vs. Eilers Heights.  For those of you that don’t have the background on this, Eilers Heights is a name that certain people tried to hang on Bojon Town, without the consent of people from Bojon Town.  My mom got me started on this crusade, and a lot of you have joined me.  We just wanted our neighborhood called by the name that it was always called.  Granted, Eilers Heights sounds more sophisticated than Bojon Town.  Just like Fulton Heights sounds more classy than Salt Creek.  Eastwood Heights and Dogpatch, and so on.  But if you ask the people that live in Fulton Heights where they live, they say ‘Salt Creek’.  Same with Eastwood Heights.  They’ll tell you they’re from the ‘patch’.  So, the same with Eilers Heights.  We’re from Bojon Town.

We have written comments in the Pueblo Chieftain whenever they misnamed our neighborhood in one of their articles.  And all of that hard work has paid off.  The Chieftain finally gets it.  In a recent article concerning a meeting of several neighborhoods that are affected by an EPA Superfund program, the Chieftain listed the neighborhoods involved.  They actually mentioned both Eilers Heights and Bojon Town.

As a person who has taught a college class titled “Logic”, my sense of logic tells me that the Chieftain finally believes that Eilers Heights and Bojon Town are two separate and distinct neighborhoods.  I think it makes perfect sense.  In one of my previous posts, my map of Bojon Town actually includes Eilers Heights, but I’m perfectly willing to leave them out.  It’s a one block long street, the 1100 block of Eilers Street.  It’s so obviously different from the rest of Bojon Town that they probably don’t want to be included, so in the future, I will no longer include that block in my stories.

On a slightly different note, I have been working on piecing together several small maps from 1904 and 1905 to make a large map of Bojon Town when the Smelter was still in existence.  It’s very interesting to compare what was there then to what is there now.  As soon as I get it all together, I’ll try to get it here for everyone to see.  Sorry for the shortness, and sorry for not writing a lot lately.  I’m trying to plug away, and hopefully we’ll get it back on track now that the warm weather is coming.  Anyone up for a big party this summer?  I’m thinking about something on the lines of ‘The First Annual All-Purpose Bojon Town Reunion Party Celebration or something a bit shorter.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see everyone that ever had a connection to the Bojon Town that you remember?