I Don’t Even Know What to Call This

Not a day goes by that I don’t long for how it was when I was a kid in Bojon Town.  It was a different world, a much simpler one. I’m sure that bad things happened back then.  People got killed, bad things happened, and there were problems in the world.  We read it in the newspaper in the morning when you got the Chieftain, maybe later in the afternoon if you got the Star-Journal.  You watched the news at 5 and 10.  That was it.  No 24 hour news channels, no live updates from a mobile satellite truck, and most of all, no internet.  You got your news in small doses, unless you really searched it out.  Now, you can’t avoid it.  The four television channels that we had back then have become 400, and 100 of them are devoted to showing us bad things.  It is to the point that I got so inundated with it that I shut off my cable almost 2 years ago, and my only television spent at least 6 months in storage this year.  I couldn’t watch it anymore.  I’d start on the top, surf the entire channel list, and end up watching reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies.  Now my TV is back in it’s place, but I still don’t have cable.  I bought a twenty dollar antenna, and now I get about 10 channels, and the best part is that I still get to watch The Beverly Hillbillies every morning.  They come on right before Perry Mason and Quincy, ME.  Seeing a pattern here?  I miss the past.

I’m sickened by the shootings.  All of them. T he Planned Parenthood shooting, the idiot that shot all the people in a movie theater that I took my grand kids to at times, Columbine, all of them.  But I’m going to focus on one, and try to relate it to the topic of this blog, which of course is the amazing neighborhood of Bojon Town.  I’m going to just talk about the shootings in San Bernardino.  I almost hate to call it a shooting, because it was so much more.  An act of terrorism, an act of cowardice, an act of war……pick one and you’re right.  A battle in a war perpetrated by cowardly terrorists is probably as close as I can come.  Done by people that have come into this country legally.  The man, and I use that term loosely, was born here, but it appears that his family came here within the last 30 or 40 years ago.  The woman, if you can call her that, came here on a legal visa 2 or so years ago.  Kind of sounds like a lot of Bojon families back in the early years when our neighborhood was being formed.  Just a nice young couple, here from a different country, trying to get a piece of the American dream.  But something went completely wrong, and I don’t believe it could ever happen to our people in our neighborhood.  Why?  I’ll try to explain.

Bojons made a community.  They were of shared background, shared values, shared religion, and they shared a new situation.  And they were good people and they looked out for each other.  Not just to make sure that people were doing well, but making sure that they weren’t up to no good.  They policed themselves.  If someone got out of line, police weren’t needed. Courts weren’t necessary.  The leaders in the neighborhood took care of things.  If a young man was moving in the wrong direction in his life, family and friends were there to correct the situation.  They didn’t look the other way and ignore problems.  And if they couldn’t fix things, they went to the next level, and let the legal system deal with it.

The Muslim community is hugely to blame for San Bernardino.  They have been looking at these terrorist attacks for years and turning a blind eye.  They’ll give lip service about how it’s wrong, but it’s nothing more than lip service, when their mosques welcome these animals with open arms.  The leaders know who the bad people are, but they do nothing but tell us to be tolerant.  Take a look at the interviews with the family of these two animals who killed fourteen people and were killed themselves.  No real emotion.  Normal people would be distraught beyond belief if one of their family did this, but these people are missing some of that inside, it appears.   They needed to police themselves long ago.  By not doing it, they implicitly agreed with the terrorists.  In my eyes, they have all become terrorists by their inaction and silence.  Bojons would have never just sat by.

Imagine Bojon Town in 1960. A young couple moves in.  They have a baby. People are coming and going into their house at all hours of the day and night.  There is noise coming from power tools in the garage, and it looks like they’re being a bit sneaky.  What happens next?  Do people ignore it because they don’t want to be politically incorrect?  Bojons are not exactly politically correct if you haven’t noticed.  That crap would have been looked into.  Why?  Because we were proud of our neighborhood, and we didn’t want anything or anyone to screw it up.

Bojons came to this country because they wanted to be Americans.  They heard of the American dream, and they wanted a piece of it.  They fought for it, they fought for America.  They loved America.  They were , but they didn’t consider themselves to be Slovenian-Americans.  They were Americans with a common heritage in ‘the old country’.  We kept a piece of our identity, but we didn’t let it define us.  We practiced our religion without fear of persecution, but we never thought that another religion would try to kill us for it.  We’re not about to start now.

One more thing. Bojons aren’t the only group that wouldn’t have put up with this nonsense.  The Italians across the bridge?  No dice.  Irish?  Nope.  Germans?  Not a chance.  Any ethnic group in Pueblo would have dealt with animals like this the same way that Bojons would have.  They wouldn’t have let it happen to two kids that they should have been responsible for.

Sorry that this seems kind of off topic, given that I try to stay pretty positive in my blog.  But I’m positive about one thing. I’m not afraid to be politically incorrect.  If you disagree with any of this, please feel free to comment.  I have to approve all comments before they appear, but I promise that I have never disapproved of one yet, and I’m not about to start.


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  1. I think you’re spot-on with your post. I would only add that the church was hugely responsible for holding the community together. I’m working on a document about my family’s Dutch community in south Denver–and just about everything you’ve said here about Bojon Town and watching out for/policing themselves could be said about Little Holland (aka the Dutch Ghetto) in the 1920s-1960s. I really enjoy reading your blog. Both of my husband’s grandparents (Frank & Jennie Mihelich and Anton & Mary Kolbezen) lived, worked, and raised their kids in Bojon Town.


    • Thanks Becky. You and my Uncle Ken reminded me of the most important thing of all. That’s the connection to God, and the way that the neighborhood churches fostered that connection. St. Mary’s Church was like the glue that held our neighborhood together. Thanks for the nice words. Are you related to Bruce Kolbezen?


  2. Posted by Ken on December 8, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Great observation Mike. I know that there are millions who grew up having the same experience in Bojon Town (or Eilers Heights, wherever the hell that is) that we enjoyed. They call islam a religion and so it is. They also have one god they call allah which I believe is synonimous with satan. Their so called jihad is proof of who they follow. People who follow the real true God know He would never condone the barbarism that is their lives.
    Most sane people of my and your generations have the same melancholy feelings about the world we grew up in. I only wish that our children and grandchildren wouldn’t have to live in the same world that these gutless, idiotic vermin contaminate.
    I know only that God is in control, He has already won the battle and what we are witnessing are the dying, putrid convulsions of the enemy.

    Uncle Ken


  3. Were you reading my husbands mind? This morning, he said to me that if Muslims truly cared about these shootings why haven’t they spoken out? Then you have all the liberals at social media who claim only crazed white men commit such crimes! Wow! 9-11, Fort Hood,…..the list is quite long. I remember when Columbine happened, I worked with many black women and they all said the same thing, Who sits around in their home allowing their children to be locked in the basement building bombs! Not black mothers that was for sure! I know I got off topic here but America in particular is heading down the path of WWII and Hitler. How easily he persuaded people to follow him….into hell! My dad use to say that we should be grateful God is our judge and in charge of it all. I know He is in control and I spend a lot of time in prayer. I heard some women at FB talking about how they miss George W Bush. Give me a break! Pick up a book written by an educated widow from 9-11 and you will find our government was aware of that too! They are always one step ahead of us all One of the 9-11 widows stated she was unsure if Bush or Clinton was the bigger of the two liars! Even Todd Beamers widow, the Christian gentleman who said “Let’s roll” during the hijacking of the plane that went down in PA. said she was disgusted with the way our government handled things. Does any American really believe these people and their families lives are more valuable then the rest of us? Because if you are dumb enough to hand over your guns to the government you truly were boarded on the stupid train! Or as the old saying goes, “I have some swamp land in Arizona I’d love to sell to you.” Some liberal woman stated recently, and she is an elected official, another frightening thought, that if you confront these shooters they will surely lay their guns down! It all boils down to the fact that everyone who loves their “global” world is going to get just that in the form of a one world government! It’s coming and I feel that God is not going to allow much more of the insanity . A fact for those who are unaware, Islam is not a religion but another political system! As for being a Bojon and growing up in the greatest neighborhood around, I could not fall for the nuns baloney telling me how if I didn’t eat my lunch I would be allowing another starving kid in China to go hungry. You know when I was in the second grade, I started talking to God privately. He answered my questions for me, and I know I am not responsible for feeding the entire world or saving it for that matter. I can only be responsible for myself. It does not mean I won’t help a hurting person or pray for them. I am a terrible Christian, always stumbling, always falling but always grateful God helps me up again. My doctor is a Bojon and I saw him last week. I have very low blood pressure and he said “What happened?” I said, listen I had to look at our president for five seconds as I raced across the room to flip off the T.V. and that man, lying through his teeth, literally shot my blood pressure through the roof! Argh…..Not a fan but I pray for those lying to us in Washington, I figure God has His reasons for keeping them around. Take care and keep writing. Sometime you have to speak your mind because too many people are terribly uninformed. Now we need to here from cousin Mike D. Hugs to you cuz, take care.


  4. Damn it Mike I really didn’t want to think too hard this morning but you write a terrific post and are forcing me. You are absolutely correct in you assessment of the current Islamic Terrorism movement, the so called peaceful Muslims don’t say a peep condemning the evil acts all over the world. At it’s core Islam is a religion of conquest and conquest doesn’t happen w/o violence. How did Indonesia become the most populous country in the world in less than 40 years? The animals that commit these horrendoius acts are hero’s in the Muslim population. They claim to follow the God of Abraham, the same God that Christians and Jews, but it is a bastardized version of our God. No where in the New Testament does Jesus Christ ask us to kill all non Christians. We have no Jihad, the Church grew quickly despite the persecution of it’s members not because of forced conversions. This is not to say the Church didn’t make any mistakes, Look at the history of the Islam, from approx 620 AD to 720 the entirety of N, Africa and W. Asia became almost entirely Muslin. By 720 AD they had infiltrated Europe thru Spain and later thru Turkey. The majority of Spain was in Muslim hands by 715 AD and they had moved into France. They were stopped by Charles Martel in 732 at Poitiers and were finally kicked out of France by Pippin lll in 759 at Narbonne. The biggest mistake non-Muslims make is believing the Koran is the only text Muslims study, there are 2 other books the Hadith and Sari form a trilogy that define Islam. The last 2 books are never mentioned by Muslims but much of the violence of the religion is based there. These are violent ,evil, bloodthirsty people hiding behind a veil of peace. It seems that after WW ll the pattern of immigration has changed, the only area that immigrants come from is Mexico and in the last 30 years illegally. They want none of the responsibilities of citizenship but all the benefits.The legal immigrants from Mexico want to be Americans the illegals don’t. Our Grandparents and Great grandparents refused to teach Slovenian or Croatian to their children, it was English only. Education was the most important issue our forefathers valued, they knew the neighborhood wouldn’t put up with behavior problems. Many of the 1st generation born in the US went to college and the others all were graduated from HS. We are the ones that are to blame for the lack of morallity, individual responsibility, and lack of quality education for much of the population under 50. Between the self-esteem movement and PC we are destroying the greatest country the world has ever known. There are no other countries through out history that was formed and governed the way the USA was. No country in history created as much wealth for the majority of the population, built an infrastructure, governed as fairly, had more freedoms than The US until the early 1990’s. We have let this Grand Experiment ( Thomas Jefferson ) start to slide into oblivion. I had no intention of sliding off into a tangent but did. Sorry I got so far away from the topic. Getting back to Islam we need to study their beliefs and history for the answers to the problem lie there.


    • Thanks Mike. You gave me a lot to think about. It’s a tough problem, and I’m at a loss. I worked as a Systems Analyst for a long time. I’m trained to look at a situation and make enough sense out of it to improve it. I look at this situation and I don’t even know where to start.


  5. I wrote how did Indonesia become there most populous country etc.. I forgot the word Muslim. It should have read How did Indonesia becom the most populous MUSLIM country …………


  6. Sorry, fellow Bojons, but I can’t keep quiet about this, and may start a ruckus. The Muslim community DID strongly and repeatedly condemn the San Bernardino murders. I live in Southern Calif. so maybe only the local media covered that aspect of it. Is it possible the conservative Pueblo media didn’t bother? In all religions, there are fanatics. That doesn’t mean the religion itself is bad. Having grown up deeply Catholic (I went to Mass at St. Mary’s 6 times a week, sang in the choir, helped the nuns clean their convent and do their laundry — who knew nuns wear bras? — and helped Father Daniel clean the church and parts of the rectory), but now, not being religious at all, I feel I can look at these religion-related incidents somewhat objectively. Let me be clear: I am not defending terrorists. It’s true that the Muslim jihadists are extremely violent. But surely you can see what happens when even Christians take it to the extreme (e.g., the abortion clinic murderer/terrorist). I am against all violence, and condemn all murderers and terrorists regardless of religion. Lumping all Muslims into the same group as the terrorists who commit mass murder is the equivalent of labeling all Christians under the same umbrella as the abortion clinic murderer and any number of other murders who committed their terrorist acts in the guise of Christendom. Let’s not condemn groups of people. Let’s concentrate our anger against the individuals involved. Trying to satisfy a sense of self-security by blaming a group will not solve any problems nor make us safe.


    • Funny how the last shooting in Orlando has been portrayed. If you watched anything in the liberal media, you would have thought a guy with a crucifix and a collar walked into that bar and started shooting. This entire country has become a joke, and the joke is on us. The left blames guns, and continues to take money from countries that persecute homosexuals, while telling us to ignore the man behind the curtain, or in some cases, the woman behind the curtain.


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