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Random Thoughts

I took a ride through Bojon Town today.   As I got part of the way down Santa Fe Hill I saw a huge bird walking across the road.   At first I thought it was a peacock, but when I got closer, it was a turkey.  It was on the west side of Santa Fe, about 40 yards from the stop light at Santa Fe Drive.  I have a hunch that there are more of them down there.  I’m going to take a hike down there soon and take a look.



He’s just to the right of the electrical box.  Proof that turkeys live in Bojon Town.


I saw a few signs that were promoting the ‘Bojon Town Frolic’ this coming Saturday.  I believe it involves a running race up Santa Fe hill and some other things.  It is good to see those words being used.  When we were kids, we hardly waited for the St. Mary’s ‘Frolic’, as they used to call it.  Best hamburgers in the history of hamburgers, games for kids, and all around Bojon fun with a few of the old guys like John Pauchek playing the accordion and a lot of polka dancing.  I’m not sure what this new Bojon Town Frolic will be like, but given that it’s not called the ‘Eilers Heights Summer Soiree’, it should be good.


I mentioned the crappy condition of some of the houses in Bojon Town in my last post.  One of the main reasons is obvious to me.  The owners got old and died.  They left it to their kids, who now lived in Regency and University Park.  The kids wanted nothing to do with it, so either sold it to someone that rented it out, or they rented it themselves.  The original owners loved their houses and yards, and invested a lifetime in them.  The new owners?  Not so much.  But there are exceptions.  My nephew and his girlfriend bought my Great Grandpa Anzick’s house, and it looks better than it has in years.  I think that the neighborhood is going to go through some changes in the next decade.  With this EPA crap hanging over people and their property, I think you may see some people picking up some really cheap houses and fixing them up.  I hope that is the case.  The place could use some sprucing up.


My wife had a flat tire on her bike a few weeks ago.  I just bought a tube and put it in.  When I was a kid, I had bike tubes that had more patches than tube.  I remember my Uncle Dan letting me use the tire patching stuff in the garage.  If I paid for every patch that he and my Grandpa Bear gave me, I’d still owe them money.  I kind of had to laugh at how lazy I’ve become.  I never even bothered to look at the old tube.  Speaking of bikes, how many of you had motors on your bicycles?   And by motors, I mean a clothes pin with a playing card or a balloon pinned to the bike so that the spokes hit it every time the wheel spun.  I think that most of the noise that you heard in Bojon Town in the summer came from some kid with a playing card slapping the spokes on their bike tires.  And how many of us rode on the handlebars of a bike that someone else was riding?  Or standing on the back axle bolts?  That was a common mode of transportation, and an even more common cause of childhood injuries in Bojon Town.  I remember standing on the back axle bolts of Tommy Pechek’s bike and he hit a bad spot in the sidewalk and my foot went in the spokes.  It almost ripped off my toes, and the bike went from 10 miles per hour to stopped in a flash.  We had a lot of bike accidents.  And guess how many of us wore a helmet?


On the east side of Santa Fe Hill, there are probably 15 houses, starting at Tezak Street by Cernac’s Blacksmith Shop and ending down by the entrance to Chicken Village.  The sidewalks in front of the houses were cracked and broken, raised and sunken, and every variation in between.  I rode a skateboard from the top to the bottom without falling off.  I attempted it at least 200 times and I made it once.  Bojons are persistent, though our knees and elbows don’t always appreciate how persistent we are.  I remember Pigeon Golob lived pretty close to the bottom, and he’d sit on his front porch and watch us and laugh.  If we got close to the bottom, he’d encourage us.  The only time I made it was when he wasn’t there.  I always wished that he was there to see it.  He was such a nice man.  Come to think of it, there were a lot of nice people there.  Bojon Town.  My home forever, no matter where I live.









Back in Business

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve written.  Many different things seemed to get in the way.  We were caught up in the sale of the house in Cripple Creek, which finally closed on Tuesday.  We were also making a bunch of trips to Cripple Creek for various reasons, and various little aspects of life seemed to be taking up a lot of time.  And then the worst happened.  My laptop crashed.  I admit that I usually spend too much time on the computer.  Old habits are hard to break.  I was an IT worker for almost 25 years.  My job was to be on a computer, and old habits are hard to break.  I don’t do much work on them now, except for writing and playing games, but I still spend too much time on one.  The hard drive went out on this laptop after about 2 years, which is good for me, since I never shut them off.  I also seem to drop them too often.  So, about 2 weeks ago I start seeing flaky little things that made me back up everything that I had stored on it.  I spent about 2 days running secret IT software to try to salvage it, but I finally pronounced it DOA about 10 days ago.  So, I’m doing my necessary internet stuff on a Galaxy S4 phone.  If I said that it was frustrating, I’d be lying.  It’s beyond frustrating, and I’m amazed that I haven’t smashed that little thing into pieces yet.  I finally got off of my butt and turned on a server that we built for Velma’s photography business.  We’ve got about 3 grand into this thing, and it’s the most backed up PC on the planet.  We have every picture that Velma ever took with all of her digital cameras, plus hundreds of them that were scanned in from original photos.  And I’ve got 3 full backups of every picture. I think it’s up to about 50 CDs now.  So, I’m using a state of the art computer for a 50 dollar word processor.  Maybe I’ll look into fixing the laptop, but after doing that crap for 25 years, I realize how much I hated it.  But now I lost my excuse for not writing, so I thought I’d better get busy.

I’m starting another blog. It’s going to be about Pueblo,  It will be similar to this one, with a lot of memories and stories, but it’s going to be a bit more political.  This city has grown on me, and I see a lot of things that I like, and a lot of things I don’t like.  I like writing about things that I like.  I love writing about things that I don’t like.  It’s not going to be interesting to everyone, but again, I have gotten to the point that I only look to make one person happy when I write.  Me.  Think of it as therapy for someone with too much on their mind.

Welcome back to my Uncle Ray and Aunt Kathy!  It’s such a blessing to have them here.  I know it had to be a tough decision to leave California after a lifetime there, and I’m sure that they’ll be sorely missed by a lot of people.  But they’ll be cherished and loved here just as much.

I’ve been debating how to say this for a while, and I don’t think that there is a good way to say it, so I’m just going to blurt it out.  A big part of Bojon Town has become a shit hole.  There are boarded up houses and there are houses that would be better off being boarded up.  There are  yards that look like junk yards.  It’s embarrassing.  There are still a lot of beautiful places, where the owners and residents obviously take pride in their homes and yards, but unfortunately they are next to some trashy dump with garbage in the yard and broken windows.  My dad’s house is beautiful.  Painted, nice windows, nice lawn and flowers, and a toxic waste dump for a neighbor.  The guy next door had so much crap in his yard that it pushed over the 6 foot cedar fence that my dad put up.  He brought in a pile of old lumber and stacked it up next to the fence.  The lumber is full of termites.  What kind of person brings home lumber with termites?   Can you spell honyak?  Does anyone know what a honyak is?  Go to my dad’s house and look at that fatass piece of garbage that runs the dump next door.  I swear that if those houses on that block weren’t so close together, that yard would meet a horrible accident with a book of matches.  I learned how to make a really good timed delay firebomb when I was a 9 year old kid in Bojon Town.  Another story for someday.

But really, drive through the neighborhood if you haven’t been there before.  They busted a big pot grow operation on Bohmen.  They had gang members in a running gun fight up the 1200 block of Mahren a few weeks ago.  About 8 months ago, someone shot some girl off of the front porch of Lepik’s old house.  Look at the block on Mesa where Lemo Plutt and Mr. and Mrs. Rupar and the Drobnicks used to live.  They’re probably rolling over in their graves seeing what happened to the houses that they put so much love into.  The whole neighborhood of Bojon Town has this cancer through and through.  It’s not like that new neighborhood of Eilers Heights, that’s in the 1100 block of Eilers.  Those houses are still new enough to be in good shape, but I look at Stanley Zakrajsek’s old house and it looks like it could be the first to go in that neighborhood.  I want to see Bojon Town live forever, but at the rate it’s going down hill, it’s not going to last much longer, at least not the way we remember it.

I’m out for the day.  Out of gas.  In the last 9 days, we’ve driven to Cripple Creek and back 6 times.  Even my Jeep is tired.  But I will be back very soon…..on this subject.  It’s easy to bitch about what I’m seeing.  I need to try to see if I can understand it and perhaps do something to help out.  I just don’t know what to do yet.