June 24th. Another Fine Day to Be Slovenian.

I’m amazed when I wake up every morning and see all of the comments that you guys are leaving here.  It’s so awesome to get the other perspectives and the memories.  I never really expected that!.  I’m so far behind in answering comments that it will probably take me most of July.

Not feeling well tonight, so if I don’t get this out until the morning, don’t hold it against me.  My condition sometimes feels like someone just wrapped me in a big blanket of exhaustion, and it’s got me now.

So, it’s the morning, and I missed this one.  Sorry.  I’ll make it up tonight.  Sometimes a Bojon just can’t go anymore.


One response to this post.

  1. Feel better! I assumed your health was kicking your butt last night! Just get to feeling good and then you can write! You do such an amazing job, we all have those days! The weather has been so up and down too! I can’t handle the extreme heat and I also get more headaches in the damp and wet rains! No winning here ! Off to find a job! Keep me in your prayers and I am doing the same for you!😊🙏


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