Day 20. Sunday. Family Day in Bojon Town

We got back from Cripple Creek in time to spend an hour or so with my Dad and my sisters and brothers in law.  My daughter and son in law had a nice party and all of my grandkids were there!  My daughter in law was there as well.  It was a nice treat, and on top of it, we got to see two of Velma’s aunts that we hadn’t seen for months.  Sunday with family.  That was a normal way of life in Bojon Town.  Dinner at Grandma’s.  Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at our house.  Dinner with one of our Uncles and Aunts.  It was all about family.  Church, dinner, and if we were lucky, a ride to the Dairy Queen for a ten cent ice cream cone.

All that talk about bowling made me think quite a bit.  It was my life for a long, long time.  I worked in a bowling alley.  When I wasn’t working, I was practicing.  Practice for me was typically upwards of 180 games a week.  That didn’t count league, tournaments, or pot games.  So I was spending a lot of time in those places and I met a lot of people.  I miss the feeling of letting one go and knowing it was going to strike.  But I miss the guys even more.  I made friends and enemies, hopefully for life 😉  Here’s a quick list of the guys that I’d like to see again.  Some are still around, but some sadly aren’t with us any more.  Norm ‘the Beaner’ Estrada, Randy Riensch, Scott Cox, Jim ‘Rabbit’ Hare, Tom Valdez, Sam ‘Rabbit’ Ferraro, Dale Cordova, John Medonich, Ronnie Oreskovich, Leo Perez, Phil Pantleo, and Carl Kikel.  Good guys, every one.

I’m not sure how this works, but Pueblo isn’t exactly a huge town.  100,000 people, give or take, for as long as I’ve been alive.  There are people that were friends of mine in grade school, good friends that I saw almost every day of my life until I was 13.  And I know that they still live in Pueblo, yet I haven’t seen them for almost 50 years!  How does that happen?   How do you miss someone in a town this size for 50 years?  It just doesn’t seem possible.  I need to start hunting some people down.

Thursday is a big day for Slovenians.  In 1991, on June 25th, Slovenia declared it’s independence from Yugoslavia.  So, break out the hats and noisemakers, it’s a reason for a party!  You can never have too many things to celebrate.  Sorry this is short.  4 hours sleep last night, and a long day today, plus another up and back to the Creek tomorrow has taken it’s toll.  Congratulations to Michael and Jennifer!


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  1. Gosh, you make me remember so many wonderful times as a kid! My mom always made fried chicken or pot roast for Sunday dinners. I could never duplicate her cooking. 😦 Auntie Ang would warm the dinner plates in the oven. Uncle Louie loved them nice and warm. She was a great cook too. I have a few hand written recipes written by my mom as well as my Auntie Ang. Uncle would take us to the Dairy Delux in Bessemer and we all had a “Bongo Banana”! I still love frozen bananas dipped in chocolate today. We have been working around the house and yard. We are tired. Tomorrow our oldest son Jeremy is taking us to lunch for Father’s Day! Hopefully it won’t snow, like Mother’s Day 2014 and 2015! LOL! My dad always took us for a ride in the country after church and lunch on SUnday afternoon. Many good memories there too. I am watching a PBS special with Crosby, Stills and Nash and remembering more good times when I was a teen and young adult. Ah…memories…..I have not bowled in many years and I think we gave our bowling balls and bag(s) to the thrift store. My ball weighed 14 lbs. I got whimpy in my older years. HaHaHa! I think Mike Pinetta at the Midtown bowling alley drilled those balls for my hubby and I. I am thinking that was his last name. I know he was good at his job. Tomorrow will be another big day around here. Putting the house back together as we paint room by room and working in the yard. Someday it will all come together….
    Get your rest and enjoy some nice dreams! I am heading off to dreamland too.
    Until next time, keep writing. Hugs, Anne xo


    • It was Mike Pinelle down at Bowlero. I worked for him for a while. He fired me for stealing…..on a night that I was in Denver watching the Nuggets with my wife. I got an unemployment hearing and faxed them in my tickets and they had to admit that it wasn’t me. I ended up getting 12 weeks of unemployment, and it turned out that his best friend was stealing from him and got him for several thousands of dollars before he got caught. He was a good ball driller though. Almost as good as me. And thanks for giving me an urgent craving for a Bongo Banana! I haven’t thought about those for years. Dairy Delux isn’t even there any more. Now I have to go to the store and get bananas and chocolate!


  2. . I sent a private message to you at FB, I hate using all the comment space! You can get bongo bananas in the ice cream section. LOL. I thought about making them too. Store bought ones are just not as great as those original Dairy Delux ones.Glad you were cleared of a crime you did not commit. I would really love to see you and Velma. I have to find a way to come visit. Two of our daughters are off Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. I will see if I can catch a ride to Pueblo. It would be nice to visit. I liked Mike D’s comment on your previous post. It is good to have a good family and love them and trust them. Loving seeing what will be next.. Thanks Mike! Hugs, Anne xo


  3. Posted by Mike Deverich on June 24, 2015 at 5:39 am

    Sometimes my mind doesn’t function properly and it takes a reread to remember what I wanted to add to your great stories. Sundays were always the same, get dressed for 10:30 Mass at St. Mary’s, go the Grandma Elsie’s for chicken soup and fried potato’s with all the aunts and uncles and their kids. Then it was off to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Kocman followed by a visit to my grandma Katie and aunt Rose usually followed by a visit to the Miketa’s and home for dinner. Your correct about not seeing people you grew up with. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ran into you until your moms funeral, we spent 5-6 days a week together from the time we were 5 until we graduated together, then I would see you at the bowling alley then nothing. What is depressing is the number of kids we went to high school with that are no longer with us. We have become our parents which we didn’t think was possible 50 years ago.


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