Day 18. I Hear the Sound of Bojons Rising Up!

My request for people to post on the website of the Pueblo Chieftain has gotten amazing results!.  I seem to be banned from commenting there, likely because I’ve made a post or two in the past that could have been a bit politically incorrect.  As someone so succinctly pointed out, I’m a smart ass.  I’ll give you the reason for that.  When I was a kid, I would hardly wait to get enough change to go to Bollinger’s on Evans to buy the latest edition of Mad Magazine.  Mad Magazine was the guidebook for my misspent youth.  When I got one, I read it over and over until I got the next one.  And I never threw them away.  I loved Spy vs. Spy, and Alfred E. Neuman would make a better President than most that we’ve had recently.  It was my roadmap for being a smart ass.  One article stuck out for me, and it became kind of a guiding force for the person I am today.  The title of the article was “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions”.  I was inspired by the snappy answers, and I strive to have one available within seconds for every stupid question that I encounter.  It’s gotten me into trouble from time to time, but it keeps me sane.  There are a lot of stupid questions, contrary to that old saying.  My job is to have an answer for each one of them.  So, to make a short story long, my smart ass-ness has gotten me the status of ‘we don’t want to hear from you’ from the Chieftain.  Thanks to everyone that has taken time to tell them that Bojon isn’t an insult, but a compliment.

I’ve been seeing a lot of things posted here in the comments about bowling.  And that leads me to only one question.  “Where is my stuff”?  I’m starting to get the urge to toss the old rocks one last time.  I’ll definitely go on a day where I have the next 3 days free to recover.  Speaking of bowling, I had a dear friend who was a Physics Professor at the college.  His name was Bob Graham, and he was a genius as well as an incredible bowler.  He passed away a while back, but when he was alive, he would put on a one day seminar entitled ‘The Physics of Bowling’.  I sat there one year and talked with him for hours about his theories, and he helped me with my release.  I always kind of bowled by feel, and Bob knew exactly what I needed to do to get to the next level.  The year that I actually got smart enough to listen to him, I bowled in 4 leagues in 4 different places.  My lowest average of the four leagues was 205.  I bowled over 400 games in those 4 leagues and averaged 207 for the year.  I owed that to Bob.  In the city tournament that year, I bowled 3 games in the singles event and only had 3 spares.  That kind of sounds bad, but it was because I had 29 strikes.  The week before, I was practicing after work one night and threw 29 strikes in a row, left a 10 pin, and threw 10 more.  Man, Bob, I should have listened to you a lot earlier.  Oh, by the way, Bojons are good bowlers.  It’s in the genes.  Here’s my 5 man Bojon All Star Team.  Out of pure humility and common sense, I would be the anchor man. I say that because I’m the best, and also because it’s my blog!   The other 4 guys would be Chubby Vunovich, Lemo Plute, Sam Terlep, and Ronnie Oreskovich.  Chubby and Ronnie O were lefties, and as smooth a pair of bowlers as you’ll ever see.  Sam Terlep threw the goofiest looking ball I ever saw, and when it hit the pins, they just disappeared.  I have no idea how, because he seemed to violate ‘the physics of bowling’, but one saying in bowling that always rings true, ‘It doesn’t matter how, it just matters how many’.  Sam invented that saying.  He was taking money from me when he was in his 70’s.  Lemo was a grinder.  He never stopped.  I’d sit in the bowling alley in Bessemer and talk with these guys every day, for hours.  The best education that no money could buy!  I love bowling!  Do you guys get that sense?  I know that my great uncle Moon Kocman was a good bowler.  I never got to see him bowl, but there were a lot of trophies in his basement.  I miss bowling so bad that I can’t even put it into words.  I better stop now.

Good people were cultivated in that neighborhood.  Everyone helped everyone.  If your sewer lines were bad, 5 guys with shovels would show up to dig it up and replace it.  If cement needed to be poured, there was a crew.  Painting a house?  Buy some beer and you have 3 helpers.  People saw someone struggling, and they stepped in.  If you look up “Great Neighborhood” in the encyclopedia, it says “See Bojon Town”.  Under “Bojon Town” it says “Greatest Neighborhood in the World”.  See you tomorrow.


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  1. I love bowling too! I was good when I was younger. Once my husband and I went bowling with some friends, another couple. Tom was fit to be tied because I beat Avery! LOL! My hubby could care less, he just loved bowling but Tom thought it was a cardinal sin that a woman would have the nerve to beat her husband! Until they started charging the equivalent to a Platinum line of credit, for a line of bowling with shoes per person, we use to go on Sunday night, just a few miles from our house. We would have the best time and eat all the classic junk food, french fries, beer and burgers! All the kids loved bowling. Our youngest Nick is a good athlete but in high school he was in a bowling class with his older sister Hannah and the teacher said she was far better! Once Nick rolled 200 game on his first try. I was working one day when my son-in-law Roger called.I thought we had an emergency but he said he decided to take Nick and Colton bowling and called to say Nick rolled a 200 game in the first game! LOL! I bowled in a ladies league at Sunset Park when I was single. I bowled with Barbara Smith, a fine bojon who’s dad was Johnny the Barber on Northern Avenue. Barbara was a fierce bowler and she made the rest of us look terrific! As a kid, the school started a league and we called ourselves the Bowljons! Gosh that was 4th grade and some of the best Saturdays of my life. My sister can tell a few bowling stories of her own. Let’s hope she stops here and fills you in! My hubby and I bowled at Elitch lanes here in Denver when he worked for Pella windows ages ago. We had so much fun. My mother was a great bowler and she was a huge fan of earl Anthony. He was quite the bowling kingpin! My mom did everything left handed except write. Those devil nuns she had in school beat that left-handedness right out of her! They could never cure me! The left hand prevailed! When our first son Jeremy was born my friends from Pueblo Cindy and Rick Jones came to visit. Rick said, watch what hand he uses because if he is a lefty he will be a world class bowler! HaHaHa! Jeremy is really smart and he likes bowling but not enough to do it professionally! I will dig up an old bowling photo I have somewhere around here and post it! I wish someone would have photographed us when we bowled as kids. 😦
    Good memories Mike, keep them coming, Anne xo


  2. Posted by Mike Deverich on June 19, 2015 at 5:31 am

    Bowling is definitely an activity that Bojons excel. You mentioned Grandpa Moon but forgot Joe Green ( Kocman ). While he was on the 6 year plan at CSU he won the individual title in the NCAA event, I believe his average was around 230 for the event. We used to pot bowl a couple of days a week at Sunset Bowl, I can remember Lemo and other older Bojons. I went with Terry Lown ( another 1/2 Bojon ) and very seldom collected. You need to pay for your education. Mike you don’t get the credit for how good you were, I was at the golf course Monday and they were talking about the best bowlers in Pueblo and all you heard was Dale Cordova and Norm Estrada. I brought up your name and the comment was you were OK but not in the same class as the 2 mentioned. Naturally I was the only Bojon in the group and my opinion was discounted of of hand. For God’s sakes they talked about Dale Carter, I was as good as Dale. I am happy to say my son Jacob is always willing to help friends with projects, he is extremely proud of his heritage and will rattle off famous Bojons and Croatians anytime someone makes derogatory comments about that heritage. He definitely should have grown up in Bojon Town.


    • Joe was good. I never saw him when he was young, but when he moved back to Pueblo, we were in a few leagues together. He had a solid game. As for Norm and Dale Cordova, those guys were my boys! Dale and I and Randy Riensch popped up in a Scratch League one year with the old guys when we were just starting out. We owned those guys. And Norm, we were the greatest of friends, except when we bowled against each other. I remember when we worked nights together, we’d practice, and when one of us was on the approach, the other one would walk along side and shout and wave their arms and do anything to distract the other. We got good, and I ain’t too proud to say that he was a bit better most of the time. I had my moments, but he had more. We were on 2 teams that won Scratch Team in the City Tournament, and I went to a bunch of state tournaments with him. And I happened to be with him one Christmas Eve when I was the drunkest that I’ve ever been in my life, and I had to help him because he was drunker. Man, we had some good times, me and that Beaner! And Dale Cordova was the smoothest bowler I’d ever played against, but if he was right handed, he’d never average over 190. He was the greatest beneficiary of an oil pattern in the history of Pueblo bowling. I learned how to throw a back up ball really well, and one day in a pot game, I whipped it out on him and played the exact same line he did. I’d dump it on the left gutter, flip it a bit, and it would back into the pocket time after time. I beat him twice in a row and he got so mad at me that he quit and didn’t talk to me for weeks! But I still consider him my friend. Now Dale Carter is one of the funniest guys in the world, and I had a great time bowling with him. If you took me and him at our prime, I think he’s probably just good enough that I’d let him carry my bag into the bowling alley for me 😉


  3. Posted by Mike Deverich on June 19, 2015 at 5:35 am

    On another note, what time do you get up Anne? My comments are always second and I am up by 4:30 at the latest.


  4. Mike D., I am not working right now so I am up late and up early! Habits are hard to break. I can hardly rest until I see these are posts up! Have a great weekend.


  5. Posted by Mike Deverich on June 22, 2015 at 5:50 am

    Mike great stuff about Norm an Dale Cordova but the Dale Carter comment was hilarious. Norn had that huge arm swing that seemed to moving slower than physics would allow. The best use of gravity in bowling.


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