Day 16, It’s all Downhill from here.

Man, June really seems like a long month.  Since I went on disability, I haven’t had a schedule to worry about.  Now I get up and the first thing I think about is writing, so it’s almost like having a job.  The coolest job in the world, with the greatest boss in history.  Me!

We need help!  What’s the story behind the names of the streets in Bojon Town?  Northern, Mesa, Santa Fe, and Arroya run all through Pueblo, so I think we just got stuck with those names.  We know how Eilers was named after the incredibly beloved superintendent of the smelter that poisoned the neighborhood, but what about the rest?  The little streets that are only in Bojon Town.  1 block long, 2 blocks, maybe 3, the entire neighborhood is made of them.  Egan, Topeka, Agram, Russ, Bohmen, who picked them, why did they pick them?  Any ideas?  I’m going to hit the library to see if there’s anything there.  I know that I heard stories that Bohmen was once called Bohemian, until the city put up new street signs and someone misspelled that one, so it just got changed.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but maybe someone knows.  School Street makes sense, since it’s right behind the school, but there has to be some interesting stories behind some of them.  I pulled up a map and found that my memory isn’t all that great.  I couldn’t remember where Roitz and Tezak Streets were, and I missed one other.  I must be getting old.

I live just around the corner from the community college, and they installed some chimes a few years back that ring throughout the day.  It rings that typical college type of tune, and then chimes for the time.  12 chimes at noon, plus the bonus of the entire Pueblo Community College Fight Song.  I didn’t even know that they had a fight song, and I went to school there, taught for 12 years, and served on committees.  I never even saw a fight there.  Also, we’re two blocks from the Shrine of St. Therese, and they have some ‘bells’ that ring now and then.  All of this makes me miss the bells at St. Mary’s even more.  That needs to get fixed.  Those bells stand for that neighborhood, and now that the whistle from the Mill doesn’t blow any more, they’re needed to keep that connection to the past.  Perhaps we could get the Pope to take a small gold and diamond chalice from storage and take a bit of time off from writing unneeded and unwanted scientific papers about ‘climate change’, and send some cash to one of the churches that have supported his church for a long, long time.  By the way, one of his advisers claims that there are 6 billion too many people on the planet.  What would the Pope think if we took his climate change advice, culled the herd by 6 billion, and included 3 billion Catholics in that number.  Even better, make it the 3 billion that drop the most cash in the plate on Sunday.  You’ll see his opinion shift drastically.  One thing about socialist ideas, they sound good until you take the money away from the people at the top.  Then the leaders have a ‘change of heart’.  Do your job.  Feed the poor, minister to the sick, comfort the hurting, and leave science to…..well……scientists.  Jeez, I just turned into Dennis Miller because I miss my bells.  Sorry.

Happy Birthday to a young man that has been a source of delight and pride for me for the last 16 years.  Dylan James Chamberlin.   When he was born, he was so tiny that I didn’t know how we were going to be able to protect him.  Now he’s bigger than I am, smarter than I am, and undoubtedly a better kid than I was.  Happy Birthday, Dylan.  I’m going to wait until you’re with all of your friends and give you a big hug and pinch your cheeks until they’re red.


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  1. Posted by M Lamb on June 16, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Hello Mike,

    I don’t know the history, but the only other time that I saw Bohmen and Mahren in print, is when I was reading a history book about WWII, and saw an German SS division with those names in the title:

    Kinda interesting.



    • Man, that is interesting. Thanks for that info. I have a friend that’s really into that piece of history, so I’m going to see if he knows anything about it.


  2. Wow! Mike Lamb, that is wild! Thanks for the info!
    Cousin Mike, are you sure we were not twins, although I am older, and we were raised in different homes? LOL! We think alike! As for that liberal pope, I liked the previous one, he was smart. As in the words of Snagglepuss, “Exit, stage left”! Benedict knew it was time to hit the trail, beat it, leave, Adios, Aloha, scram! Slip out the back Jack! You get the idea! This guy , although he does have his prestigious college degree in Chemistry shoulda stuck with it instead of troubling us with his Socialist agenda! Damn, that Dennis Miller is one smart guy! HaHaHa!
    Did I ever tell you, speaking of bells, my brother Ed lives so close to Columbine HS that he can hear the school bell ring in his backyard!?
    I miss those bells too. The whistle. I always knew it was time for my dad to get off work when I heard that whistle blow. Such a shame it was all taken away from us.
    About these street names, we are unique. Look at Belmont, named after Space Missions and Astronauts, the South side flowers! The East side numbers! I nearly forgot about Roitz and School and Russ! I knew Tezak because the Tezak’s lived there. Heck we should petition to rename all streets after true, good hearted, bonafide bojons!
    Off the subject here but about those bells making us nuts, I feel the same way about Lance Armstrong. If he was the only guy breaking the rules, using drugs, blah blah blah, why not return all that ill gotten millions back to their rightful owners? After all, he is a loser not a winner like the snitches who ratted him out and were undoubtedly doing those steroids right there with him! I don’t even like the guy, that’s what is so funny about politics!
    Politics, I hate it, detest it, dislike it! Makes me ill! I remember working at the courthouse and Lorraine Reininger was my boss, the acting County Treasurer. Becky Zupanic’s mom Rose ran for office. She threathened me, saying, if I was a good bojon, yea she said it, I would vote for her, another bojon! I was so upset, my dad came outside, and you know he never uttered an inappropriate word, ever, in my lifetime! He looked her square in the eye and said “Madame, please get off my porch before I am forced to call the police. Do not come back and do not threaten my daughter again!” Becky Zupancic never was very nice to me. Thought she was a cool kid. The ones I saw at a forty year class reunion for the Catholic High schools three years ago! Still gossiping, treating others unkindly, trying to look and act like they were still in high school! Most with multiple bad marriages! I love that memory. My dad was so cool and he never knew it! Wink Wink!
    Now about these street names….
    I know somehow we will get answers. Thanks Mike, you do a great job here! Hugs, Anne xo


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