Day 15. Dumb Bojons?

I used to hear that a lot.  I think that the only dumb Bojon that I know is me.  All of the ones that I know are pretty smart.


Man, lots of discussions going on, and that’s good to see.  People remembering things and clearing up things for others.  Family trees!  This should get very interesting!


I’m not sure why, but it seemed that most of the Bojon kids in the neighborhood went to St. Mary’s.  I can only think of a few of them that went to Edison.  I always thought Edison School was a really cool building.  Horrible baseball field, since right field was out of play with Roitz’s yard and that meanass dog, and it you hit one to left, it just hit the school and bounced back into the infield.  So, center field and just a bit left and right of center could get you some bases.  Straight away center was right in my Grandpa Anzick’s yard, and that was an automatic home run.  If you could pull a  grounder just to the right of the shortstop, it would roll through the gate, across Mesa, and up Roitz Avenue.  You could circle the bases 3 times before they caught up to that one.  Decent basketball court.  Metal chain nets that sounded really cool when you swished one, and the baskets were solid.  But the court sloped off at the sides, probably for drainage, and dribbling out there was an adventure.  Everything was rock and pavement.  No grass for us!

Speaking of mean dogs, there were a lot of those when I was a kid.  Mrs. Anzlovar on Santa Fe had a little chihuahua that would try to bite your legs when you rode your bike down the sidewalk.  She and her daughter would actually turn that little bastard loose on us and let him chase us.  One day he got right next to me and I kicked him.  I mean I squared him up and launched him 10 feet in the air, and he rolled another 20.  I got home and my mom was already getting the phone call.  That was the best whipping I ever got.  I kept thinking about that flying little furball.  It hardly stung at all.  Vids on the corner of Mesa and Santa Fe always had some nice hunting dogs.  Most of the dogs in Bojon town were mutts.  The oddest collection of ugly dogs anywhere.  A few of the ‘aristocrats’ had some purebreed something or other.  But usually that Irish Setter ended up having pups with heads that looked like coyotes.  Those dogs could jump a 10 foot fence to get to a female.  My Uncle Tony Anzick had the meanest looking dog I ever saw when I was a kid.  And he was mean.  He’d snap and snarl at you if you got close to the fence.  He was on a huge chain in a fenced in yard and he was still scary.  I tried to make friends with him for years.  I’d put food on the edge of the fence, I’d talk to him, I tried everything.  One time I put some food down and when he went to get it, I tried to pet his snout.  He tried to eat my arm.  End of friendship.  Lots of dogs, big, small, ugly, ugly, and not a license in the bunch!


Until tomorrow.



One response to this post.

  1. So here I am the longest winded bojon still alive! I will try to keep this short and sweet tonight. Chatting with Judy K and my sister Mary (Mitzi). Filling in blanks. Now I really need to help you post these posts everyday for ever!!! My sister was talking about bowling. She needs to write too but said you and I are good at it. HaHaHa! You are for certain. Thinking of the childhood I had and remembering so many times, haircuts, bowling, the orphans. I once said to a friend of mine, much younger than me, we had orphans at our school when I was a kid. During the Bay of Pigs! She said “What’s that?” Same reaction another friend had dating a younger gal. “Thought I’d make conversation with the gal, so I said where were you when Kennedy died?” he said. She said “Oh My God, Ted Kennedy died?!?!” This was in the 1980’s LOL! You public school kids missed History class again didn’t you!? LOL! Mike, we need to give some history lessons here regarding our neighborhood and throw out a few more questions. I sure love reading this here and I enjoy remembering things from long ago. Remember Johnny Smith the Barber? My dad always visited Johnny, he was a good man and his daughter Barbara bowled with me. Talk about a gal who could rack up that scoreboard. Wow! She was a terrific gal and very kind. A nice bojon trait! I am going to talk with my two daughters and see if we can make a quick road trip home. I need to photographer some landmarks in the neighborhood ! We need to detail our history cousin! I am so happy being here listening to all the comments everyone has, nice input. I think we are going to have to plan some kind of impromptu get together sometime too. I was asking your aunt Jeannie if I could use her photo of Great Great Grandfather Sodja. Just waiting for an ok.
    Edison was a different school for certain. Loved that neighborhood. My friend Karen Mesojedic’s house on Arroyo was recently for sale. Man oh man, if I had money to buy up bojon town. Sigh!
    I always loved the Virant’s house on Hill Place. It was so modern and reminded me of houses I saw in movies in California as a kid. My grandfather Joseph Steblay’s mother was a Virant. Small world I tell ya.

    You know you could see Pikes Peak from my folks living room. I miss that beautiful house I grew up in. My dad built it and he cared for the yard. It was always so nice.

    Well, let me give someone else a chance to post here. keep writing and I am sending myself messages so I do not forget what I want to research next.

    Good night and thank you for this gift. You are one amazing guy.

    Hugs, Anne xo


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