Day 8. Some Bojon Things

Hi Mom.  I really miss you.

And hi to all of you fine, awesome looking Bojons and Bojon supporters out there.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything here…….er……well, not that long, but I’m having fun doing it.

I’m getting ready to work on a new project.  As some of you know, I left Pueblo in 2004 and moved to Cripple Creek to take my dream job.  A year and a half after that all ended, I find myself angrier and more bitter by the second about things that happened there.  So, I need to put some closure to it and just get it out of my system, and the way I seem to do that lately is to write about it.  I won’t post it here, because it has nothing to do with Bojons, other than the values that I was taught as a young Slovenian boy in a great neighborhood, and how they were assaulted on a daily basis.  Some of you might find it interesting, because it will have a lot of inside information about the casinos.  I’ll let everyone know when it’s done so you can check it out if you’re interested.  I guarantee some good stories and some extremely colorful language, and to be honest, if no person on the planet reads it, I’ll feel better just for getting it off of my chest.  I’m struggling for a title.  I’m kind of leaning towards “How My Genius Boss Killed the Goose That Laid Golden Eggs…….8 times”.


Bojons can carry a grudge for a long time.  See above.


The Lipica stud farm in Slovenia is the oldest European stud farm breeding one of the oldest horse breeds in the world.  The Lipica Stud Farm is the cradle of all Lipizzaner horses. It is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia, dating back to the of 1580.

I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of Slovenia since I’ve been doing this blog.  I’ve lived in Colorado all of my life.  I’ve heard my Grandpa Bear talk about the ‘old country, and the willage that they lived close to’.  I kind of had a picture in my mind what it looked like, and I was so far off.  Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  I’ve been to a few places, all of Colorado, Yosemite, Yellowstone, a lot of the western states, and Slovenia matches up pretty well!


Any girl born in Bojon Town is beautiful by default.  It just comes with the territory.  Any guy that grows up in Bojon Town and doesn’t marry a woman that was born in Bojon Town missed out.


There was another huge fire at the scrapyard in Blende yesterday.  There’s a big pile of left over plastic like dashboards and headliners from cars, and it’s about 100 feet tall and about the size of a football field.  It’s right at the bottom of the hill on Northern where it goes into Santa Fe Drive.  Right where the lake used to be!  I can’t believe they filled in that awesome lake and put a giant trash pile there.  I remember sneaking in and fishing for perch, and I remember going water skiing there a few times with my Dad and Mom and my Uncle Dave.  A beautiful lake and they turned it into a smoldering pile of trash.  That sucks.  I feel bad for those Salt Creekers that have to breathe that crap, but after living next to the slag dumps for all of those years probably makes them immune to a lot of that stuff.  Salt Creekers are almost as tough as people from Bojon Town.






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  1. I would love to see our ancestors homeland. We come from a wonderful gene pool. I am always searching for talented sLOVEnians and never find it difficult ! Your stories always make me proud of who I am and what I came from. I only hope the younger generation will embrace it and show it off! Blogs are good therapy sessions too. I have found that people seem more caring and truly do want to know how we are here. A friend from Texas said it best about other social media sites, they are cutting and cruel. I am still dealing with a job loss that took me by surprise , stunned me and made me question myself when I knew that I had character, ethics and a respectful nature that greedy, hateful, deceitful jerks could not take away from me! I looked back to my first job with Mary Shomer who was the Pueblo County Treasurer. She told me she hired me because my job application was printed impeccably and she knew I attended Catholic school and was raised with values and could take and understand Direction! As long as I am around I will never forget how valued that older blue haired lady made me feel! We come from decent, kind, humble and hard working people. Our folks put their faith front and center and I have no regrets about how I was raised and I have tried to pass some of that in to my own kids as well. You make me think here and it is always for the greater good of who we are and what we came from! God bless you cousin!


    • Thank you for that. I started this day in a foul mood, and it was going to get worse. Your message changed all of that around for me! I love you, cousin! Thanks for making my day!


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