June 7th, 2015. A very good day to be a Bojon

But then again, every day is a good day to be a Bojon.  First, for something totally un-Bojon, I’m in Cripple Creek for the weekend.  Sleeping on an air mattress, since we took all of the furniture out of the house.  Kind of like camping inside.  Yesterday, I went down to the Imperial Hotel and watched the Belmont Stakes in one of the rooms.  I’ve always loved horse racing, and I can still remember where I was when Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Affirmed won the Triple Crown.  Every year, I enter the ticket lottery for the Kentucky Derby hoping just once to get a seat.  I get my hopes up after every Derby that this will be the year.  Big Brown.  California Chrome.  Disappointment after disappointment.  But somehow I knew this one.  I wanted him to win so bad that I went to the Wildwood Casino to place a bet at their simulcast facility, and didn’t buy a ticket.  I didn’t want to jinx him.  When the race started, and he got to the first turn, Velma came into the room and just stared at me, because I was saying “Please God, just let him make it”.  I had tears in my eyes before they hit the backstretch.  I so wanted to see that happen again.  That horse has to be part Bojon, because he has a heart 10 times bigger than normal.  I’ve watched the final stretch run of the Belmont when Secretariat won the Crown so many times, and I never thought I’d see anything like that again.  I read this morning that when Secretariat blew away that field by 31 lengths, he ran the last quarter mile in 25 seconds.  That’s amazing.  He ran a mile and a quarter, and still managed to run another quarter mile in 25 seconds.  That had to be one of the greatest feats of athleticism ever.  25 seconds!  Yesterday, American Pharoah ran the last quarter mile in 24.32 seconds!  If you look at him, he’s so much smaller than Secretariat, but his stride length is 2 feet longer.  I wish I could just see him in person.

Did I tell you that I like horse racing?  I’m not that fond of horses, unless they have a jockey on them from time to time.  A lot of Bojon boys wanted to be cowboys.  I fell off of a horse the first time I ever got on one, and I haven’t been on one since.  But stick a number on them, put a tiny little guy dressed in bright colored silks on their backs, and I’m there.

I saw a few of the ladies from the neighborhood up in the casinos yesterday.  It reminded me of something that used to make me laugh when I first started working up here.  I remember the men in the neighborhood loved to gamble.  They’d shoot dice, play cards, and bet on sports.  And their wives hated it.  And when the husbands died, their wives were on the bus to Cripple Creek once a month.  At least they’re not out back in the alley shooting craps.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but the brickwork of St. Mary’s Church is incredible.  Every time I go, I find myself being mesmerized by the patterns within patterns.  Whoever designed it and laid the brick were masters of their craft.  Does anyone know who did the brickwork?

The legend of Goldenhorn, or Zlatorog in Slovenian, a white steinbock with golden horns, is one of the best known Slovenian folktales. His realm is the heights of Slovenia’s legendary mountain, Triglav.  Slovenians have a rich legacy of legends dealing with creating and ancient gods.  Some really interesting stuff.

Back to Pueblo later this afternoon.  I was 45 when I moved from Pueblo.  I swore I would never move back.  I’ve been back for a year and a half now.  Never is such an unforgiving word 😉

I like a lot of things about Pueblo.  I dislike a lot of things about Pueblo.  But when it’s all said and done, you have to be in Pueblo to be in Bojon Town, and that’s good enough for me.


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  1. I swore I have left comments on all your posts for June so far. I know I read this and drifted off thinking about American Pharoah! Amazing, and I wanted him to win. He is such a fantasticl horse.
    About that brickwork. Although I do not know who did it and I sure hope someone does, I love that design too. The way it was designed and the way the pattern was laid out is truly beautiful.
    We live in an old brick house in Northglenn and once a few years ago, we were shopping in K-Mart and an older gentleman approached us. I was thinking perhaps he recently lost his spouse and was quite lonely for chatting but he started up a conversation with us and in the course of that little chat he said he had been a bricklayer and we told him where we lived and he said, “I bet I laid the brick in your house.” Made me smile, and I really hope someone will have some thoughts about the church and who did that beautiful work.
    My mom spent some of her childhood in Victor and it always bothered me how they changed the little towns and turned them into gambling casinos. I am happy Manitou Springs never sold out. The town loses all the charm and the memories many have cherished growing up there and some of us remember the stories their mother told them about their life there. . Just my personal thoughts.
    Keep writing, this is such a good history lesson about our heritage for others as well as making us remember lots of great memories we all made when we were kids in that one amazing neighborhood.
    Goodnight cousin.
    xo Anne


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