Day 6

A short one.  In Cripple Creek, sleeping on the floor on air mattresses, since we moved all of the furniture to Pueblo last year.  Speaking of Cripple Creek, there was almost no Anzick’s Restaurant in Pueblo.  In 1917, Louis Anzick Sr. was the proprietor of a saloon in Victor.  We found the listing in the 1917 Cripple Creek Directory.  We went to Victor to see where it was, but there’s just an empty lot that they are getting ready to convert into a park.  My dad said that Great Grandpa Anzick was planning on staying, but my Great Uncle Frank was sick when he was a kid and the doctor advised the family to move somewhere lower and warmer for his health.  I hate to say it, but I’m kind of glad that it happened, and they ended up in Pueblo.  Things would have been a lot different if they stayed up here in the clouds, where it just so happened to be spitting snow about an hour ago.

Slovenia has one of the largest brown bear populations in Europe.  They would have had one more if my Grandpa Bear would have stayed!

Slovenia has one of the highest number of religious buildings per capita in the world.

Martin Strel of Slovenia was the first man to swim the Mississippi, Amazon, and Yangtze Rivers.

Slovenian couples go to Bled Island to get married.  For luck, the groom carries the bride up the 99 stairs leading to the island.

Sorry for the short one.  Back to Pueblo tomorrow, to my comfortable couch.  Trying to type on the floor on an air mattress is just too much work.


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  1. I am catching up because if I left comments the blog people stole the away! LOL! You know I am thinking about sLOVEnian people! Lots of great talent. Manca Izmajlova is an opera singer. If you search for sLOVEnian opera singers you will find several. Also the KSKJ wrote an article when they had the monthly news paper a few years ago. Luka Gregorc is a tennis player from Ljublanja! Lots of ancestors hail from that area. I bought a potica this past Christmas from a company in Evergreen, Co. They make their potica like the ancestors from Ljublanja and truthfully that is why I I chose them! When I was searching for a potica to order via mail I found a company in Minnesota where the little Italian lady married the sLOVEnian guy and they started a company and their potica looked yummy too. Gosh, I still have my “Womens Glory in the Kitchen: cookbook from Frances SImonich who lived on Mahren and was president of the Christian Women Association. Now I need some good ole bojon food. Sigh! Just keep writing because you are waking up my brain filled with all these awesome stories. Have agreat week! Love ya cousin xo Anne


    • I remember that cookbook well! It was in every kitchen in that neighborhood. And Mrs. Simonich was one of the nicest ladies ever! She always had a nice word for everyone, even a snot nosed little kid like me. We’d be playing in the street in front of Cvar’s house, which was right across from Simonich’s big house, and Mrs. would come out and give us candy and cookies. And best of all, she never minded when we drank out of her hose! That was a big one for us kids! We didn’t have water bottles or fancy cups, we just drank from that old rubber hose.


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