Random Stuff of a Bojon Nature

I’ve been following the EPA/Bojon Town story and I’d like to share some thoughts about it. First, and most important, there is no Eilers Heights. No one ever called it that until a few years ago, and it’s just a few meatheads and the clowns at the Pueblo Chieftain that perpetuate the myth. I understand the Chieftain. They have to be politically correct, and somehow they see the word “Bojon” as possibly offensive. I find it offensive that people can be that stupid. Second, when someone knocks at your door and says “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, you should punch them in the face, stomp them a few times, drag them across your property line and say “Have a nice day, and stay off of my property”. I saw this actual quote in the Chieftain about the testing. “The EPA has all but promised the homeowners that there would be no cost to them”. When the government “all but promises” you anything, you’re getting the exact opposite 95% of the time. I’m not taking any side here on testing or not testing, but I’d say that you need to keep one eye on those helpful government types and the other on your billfold. This is a lot of drama about a 100 year old slag pile. When we were kids, we rolled in it, climbed on it, put it in our pockets, and I ain’t going to lie, I tasted it.  Look at how well I turned out! Well, maybe that’s not such a good argument. Just keep your eyes on this if you have an interest.

I’m working on a little project that some of you may be interested in. It kind of ties in with the Bojon Town/Imaginary Eilers Heights issue. Stay tuned!

I’m a shamelessly proud grandparent. 8 times. So, every once in a while, you have to read through the mandatory grandkid update. Dylan is going to South and Centennial. He’s enrolled in the Health Academy and wants to be a doctor. He’s still playing roller hockey. He’s 15 and has been playing in the men’s recreational league in Pueblo for 2 years. He’s also playing for the 17 and under Pueblo Phantom, who happen to have the coolest hockey uniforms in the history of hockey. He’s an awesome skater. He’s also on the South High track team, pole vaulting and running some relays. He’s got nothing but good things in front of him. Brittany is in her last year at Pitts, which is now the Academy of Arts or something like that. She’s so much like me that it’s scary. Quiet, wants to be left alone, smart as hell, and just tries to avoid the stupidity of daily life. She’s got the sneakiest sense of humor of all of the grandkids. She has this special laugh that just makes me smile. She usually only uses it when I end up doing something stupid like hitting myself with a hammer. Little Shane is a computer wizard. He’s totally engrossed in computer games. Not the mindless ones where you just shoot people and blow things up. The games where you really have to put a lot of thought into shooting people and blowing things up. He thinks about things that most kids his age aren’t aware of, and he has some personal mannerisms that remind me so much of myself at that age that it’s scary. Jamie is the most loving, sensitive little girl I’ve been around. She can read people’s emotions like a therapist, and she’s such a bright spot in our lives that the room feels empty when she’s not there. Little Ashlie is a beauty queen! She’s the cutest little thing, and she’s the most strong willed kid I’ve seen since her mother. Jennifer has her hands full with these 5, but they are all going to make her proud. They’re good kids. Now, Mikey and Nicole aren’t quite caught up, but they’re getting there with their 3 little ones. I call them my K Girls. Kylie, Katie and Kacie. Kylie is 4, going on 35. I won’t bother telling you that she’s smart. A lot of kids are smart. This little girl is scary smart. Add lovable and caring and beautiful and a lot more, and that’s Kylie. Katie and Kacie are a matched set, precious identical twins. Now that they’re almost 2, I’m kind of able to tell them apart once in a while. God, they are beautiful. All of my grandkids are so beautiful, not a mutt in the bunch. Not sure how that happened with me in that genetic mix, so I guess most of the credit goes to Velma.

Growing up in Bojon Town instilled values into me. Loyalty, for one. Once I’m with you, I’m with you until the end, or until you finally convince me that you don’t want me with you any more. After that, I’m not loyal, I’m gone. I learned a lot of values. Another one, perhaps not really a value, is to not make others be inconvenienced by your stupidity. If you go to a store and you have a coupon, have it in your hand when you get to the front of the line. When I have to wait 5 minutes for you to rummage through that suitcase of a purse after you’ve been already standing there for 5 minutes waiting in line, you inconvenienced me and the only known remedy is a fist to the face. Be frigging ready when it’s your turn.

Bojons are good bowlers. I can name a bunch of them. Lemo Plute, Chubby Vunovich, the Badovinac brothers. I never knew my Uncle Moon, but my Auntie Elsie’s basement was full of his old bowling trophies, so I assume he was a good one. But one stood out among the rest. The best bowler to ever come out of the boundaries of Bojon Town was a young kid by the name of Mike Barnett. When the Pueblo Men’s Bowling Association first picked an All Star Team, he was on it. The next 5 years, they just asked for his shirt back to add the new seasons to the bottom. He was on it for the first 5 years that they picked a team. The all time City Tournament record holder for Scratch Singles, Scratch Doubles, Scratch All Events, and a member of one of the highest scoring teams ever put together. 2123 pins in 9 games. A 235 average, despite a first game of 180. 18 strikes in a row at one time. 30 strikes in 3 games in doubles, 31 strikes in 3 games in singles. The young man was good. He was cockier than he was good. I had the pleasure one time to actually see him in film. Someone brought an old VCR Recorder to work on their game, and they ended up taping him for about 10 shots. I only saw it once, and I’d give all I had to see it again. He was the real deal. And he had to quit in the prime of his career. On the day that he got his paperwork of acceptance in the Regional Professional Bowlers Association, he got rear ended by an old lady who was late to her gun club meeting and he broke 6 bones in his back. His doctor told him he’d never bowl again. 10 years later, he came back for a year and made the Pueblo Men’s Bowling Association All Star Team, averaging 211 and leading off the championship team of the Pueblo Men’s Scratch Bowling League. He didn’t pick up a ball for another 5 years, and got the urge one day and went down for 5 games and averaged 229. He’s the real deal. And he’s got a request for one more time. Someone actually wants to see him do it again, and he’s thinking about it. His health isn’t what it used to be, but if I were a betting man, I’d say that he would make it look like he never took a day off. I’m not sure if he’ll do it, but if he does, he’ll do it right. Anyone up for a quick set at Sunset Bowl?

Bojons are good people. All of them. Even the misguided Bojons that think they live in Eilers Heights. We need to love them and bring them back into the fold. Remember, Bojon Town will live as long as it lives in our hearts.


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  1. Posted by Mike Deverich on March 28, 2015 at 3:44 am

    I can tell you 1 reason that playing in the slag pile never hurt any Bojon kids, yes we rolled in it , put it in our pockets, threw it at on another but we NEVER swallowed it, it was not a food source. Just like we didn’t eat the paint in our houses. Dumb Bojons my a**.


  2. I always enjoy your writing here Mike! If my memory from my working days at the County Courthouse serves me correctly the subdivision where I lived was called Frances Subdivision, for tax and assessment purposes, and I never even heard of this Eilers Heights business until you mentioned it here! I have no desire to be PC! I follow the absolute most Politically Incorrect man who walked the earth Jesus! I am not a fan of most of what goes on with the government. But I do know one thing many of the folks who lived in our neighborhood lived well into old age and had sharp minds still intact! It drives me crazy the causes people are involved in! Anything to waste time and money! Argh….I have a coffee mug my niece Karla gave me eh…er…I mean Santa, this past Christmas! It says “You bet your potica I’m a Bojon”! I told you the story before how my grandfather Joseph Kocman told me why we are called “Bojons” so why would I listen to the mainstream media instead of my own blood who traveled across the ocean to come to America?! Those that want to live in their pretend land of Eiler Heights should reach into their own memory and find out if they ever even had a conversation with one of the old timers! As for your grand kids what a nice tribute you shared here. It is good to know they have a good gene pool and will come out ahead of this game of life! Awesome to know your grands here too! Finally, any self respecting Bojon knows that bowling is a true national past time and a game that does require skill! My mom was a great bowler and I was not too terrible at the game. even my youngest son Nick who excels at most sports he tries was a very decent bowler. Goodness, now you have me thinking about watching Staurday bowling with my folks. My mom loved Earl Anthony, “Earl the Pearl”, 41 bowling titles and 6 bowler of the year awards in the PBA! Ah…memories, they do a heart good. Good to see you here cuz. Love and Hugs, Anne


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