Read this latest article.  I’m tired of going to the Chieftain and having my comments blocked when I try to bring to people’s attention the following:

There is no neighborhood called “Eilers Heights” or “The Eilers Neighborhood”.  It’s Bojon Town.

Funny how I keep finding family that can’t seem to remember that they used to be Bojons and can’t even remember the name of their own neighborhood.  Please go to these articles and see if you can make a comment about the name of the neighborhood.  It seems that I’m not allowed to use that horrible “B” word in a comment.  Maybe if a few others remember Bojon Town is not a bad word, the Chieftain would get it.


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  1. Posted by Alfredo S Alvarado on July 15, 2014 at 9:31 am

    I was born and raised in Pueblo. My father ran “El Sombrero Cafe on Evans from 1970 to 1986”
    I have always known it as Bo Jon town for the Slavinians and St Mary’s Church.
    First time I heard of Eiler heights. Be alert that the Rich History of Pueblo and all it’s migrants is not changed.


    • Alfredo, I remember the El Sombrero very well! It was kind of across the alley from the bowling alley if I remember right. I used to go across the bridge a lot when I was a kid, and it was as cool a place as Bojon Town, and there were the bars and restaurants and stuff. I remember hanging outside the front door of the Acapulco Club listening to Little Joe y Familia! It was the same kind of neighborhood with different kids. I used to play with a lot of kids from Elm St. and Routt. I know that a lot of the traditions are still there, with all of the ethnic groups, and that needs to be shown to our kids. I write this a lot for therapy for myself, but mostly for my kids and grandkids, my nieces and nephews and their kids. They need to see what it used to be like, or that stuff gets lost.


      • Posted by Alfredo S Alvarado on July 15, 2014 at 12:59 pm

        Yes across from the Bowling Alley. I tell my 4 boys stories about Pueblo. I have never heard of Eiler. The Chieftain has always been one sided. Remember over the bridge on the corner of Evans the adult XXX burnt down. The funny part is a fire station was across the street. “It still burnt down” Dick Klamm from the Klamm shell; Bufaloe Lounge. The Acapulco Club. Bollingers.

  2. Nancy’s Liquor, with the Gentile brothers, who all could play a mean game of hoops. I used to walk that way on the way to Central. I got to be friends with a girl whose parents owned the Buffalo. Man, we’re from the same world, only on the other side of the highway! I actually worked at that bowling alley for a while, and I set the Men’s City Tournament All Events record there. Tell your kids as much as you can! They’ll appreciate it.


  3. I was reading your older posts and rereading them again! I saw that video that supposedly people who knew the history of our heritage told. They had some facts wrong. My grandma Steblay’s house in the Grove across the road from the Runyon Ball Fields is still standing in 2014 and it survived the floods of 1921and 1965! It is still owned my phamily too. The video showed homes that were destroyed but not all homes were lost. Sometime I get irked when these non SLOVEnian or wannbe bojon people think they know all the answers. I am 60 years old and I remember stories my grandpa Kocman and grandma Steblay told me about their lives. I am not a huge fan of our government and I hate seeing them step in to make money off our land that our ancestors worked hard for. My goodness, as a kid I thought God created bojons and Mexican/Hispanic people only! I never met a black person until the 2nd grade, Warren Elbeck! Funny story, a dear friend of mine, who I worked with in the 1980s also was neighbors with Warren here in Denver! LOL! We live in a small world. I liked Alfredo’s comments about our heritages. My goodness Bessemer was a big part of my life growing up too. I remember El Sombrero very well and El Valle. My husband, who is not bojon and grew up on Pueblo’s East side, remained friends with Tom Valle who owned the restaurant. Funny story too, my hubby lived with Ed Valle in Denver when they were kids out of high school and Ed and I attended St. Mary’s together. When our youngest daughter was born at home and we made the Channel 4 news and KOA radio Ed called my hubby and Ed told him that he heard my voice on the T.V. and knew me immediately! LOL! I work for a doctor who grew up in Wisconsin and when I told him I was a bojon/SLOVEnian he was excited because he too, grew up with many in his youthful days! We are a force to be reckoned with! I will never forget my heritage and I will always love my memories of how I grew up with wonderful, hard working, God fearing parents.


    • Wow! The Elbeck’s and Eddie Valle! Cindy Elbeck was the first girl I ever had a crush on! I ran into her brother Forrest about 20 years after they moved out of the neighborhood, and it was really cool to hear about the family. We even went to Simmon’s Down Beat and had a beer! Who says Bojons aren’t inclusive? And I got into more trouble with Eddie Valle than I care to remember. It’s odd, because I mentioned the Gentiles and right after that you mention Eddie. We got a team together when we were in high school and won the CIty Rec Basketball championship. They asked to see our birth certificates, and Ed was a year too old and we got disqualified. It’s definitely a small world!


  4. Remind me to privately tell you a funny story about your great uncle Cheech! But it is one I want to keep private because it invovles politics and I hate to get into political drama with people! LOL!


  5. That sounds interesting! Cheech was really cool to me, so any story about him would be great!


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