Red Alert!!!!

I’m an idiot.  I let one thing get to me and I’m ready to give up on Bojon Town and what it means????  Not happening.

We’ve moved back to Pueblo.  Cripple Creek is a great place to visit for a day or a weekend.  Living there for 10 years was like living on the outskirts of Chernobyl.  Not too much you can do there on a regular basis that doesn’t turn toxic in a hurry.  You can do 3 things in Cripple Creek in the summer, if you live there.  Fish, gamble, and drink.  You can do 3 things in Cripple Creek in the winter if you live there.  Snowshoe, gamble, and drink.  Sometimes you have to snowshoe just to be able to get to somewhere that you can drink and gamble.  Anyone looking for a nice 2nd home in that wonderful city, just let me know.  I’ll make you a good deal!

Expect more stuff.  I lost my way for a bit, but I found that Bojon Town can’t just be found in a certain section of Pueblo.  Bojon Town is in our hearts.  Oh, and again, there is no neighborhood that I know of called “Eiler’s Neighborhood” or “Eiler’s Heights”.  It’s called Bojon Town.  Some poor moderator of the Chieftain’s web site is getting very tired of disapproving my comments on that subject 🙂  It’s ok.  I’m persistently annoying.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.  And Mom!!!!!  Get better soon!!!!  The true Christmas happens when you walk back into your house.  We’ll be waiting for you.


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  1. Posted by Marie on December 19, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Welcome back brother. I’m sorry you had to leave for awhile but I knew you would find your way back. Love you!


  2. Posted by bojonnanny on December 19, 2013 at 11:35 am

    Thank God…….sooooo happy to get this email….Praise the Lord!!!!! Merry Christmas and  Blessed New Year!

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  3. My mom spent some of her childhood in Victor, Colorado. It is sad that gambling took over Cripple Creek. I love Manitou Springs because the locals will not let gambling damage their quaint small town image. My sister knew about letters that my mom and her sister and cousins wrote back and forth after my mom’s dad and brother were killed in a mining accident in Victor in 1927. She was 13. what a treasure my sister has. My grandma Steblay brought her phamily to Pueblo after her devastating loss.I have lots of photos of my folks and share them on my blog. I need to get back to my own roots and write the way you do. A good friend, I have known since we were babies in the playpen together, Karen Mesojedic Clark, lives in Boise, Idaho these days. Her only child is in graduate school in Minnesota (another hotbed for bojons). She wants to know her heritage. I have a ton of SLovenian cookbooks but if she’d chip in for printing my hubby would gladly make her some copies. Problem is, she won’t! So sad to not know the background of your roots. Karen’s dad came straight from the old country as grandpa Kocman would call it! I would give anything to have copies of those phamily photos from reunions at Grandma and Grandpa Kocman’s house on Bohmen where my niece Karla and her phamily live these days! Ah….the memories. My niece Chelsea in Oregon comes to visit and we attempted to make some SLOVEnian dishes. This high altitude stinks! But she took so many wonderful memories home with her. It is good to have you writing because I need to keep some connection to my phamily. Your mom was like her mom , my precious Auntie Gela always telling stories which I listened to so intently! Boy I wish I had the grandparents and my folks and their siblings on tape. SIgh!


    • I didn’t know that your mom grew up in Victor! I keep finding more and more about everyone because of this. And I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I kind of got the idea for doing this from your blog! Thanks for the inspiration. Gambling was kind of a mixed thing for Cripple Creek. Before it came, the kids immediately moved out of town because of the lack of jobs. Now they can stay, but most of them end up in the same dead end type of casino jobs, and sit around drinking and gambling in their time off. It’s beautiful, but winters are a killer. If you don’t drink or gamble, you spend a lot of time looking out the window hoping for the snow to go away. I’m glad to be out of there, but it did give me a lot of material to write about!

      About a month ago, my Uncle Ray and Auntie Kathy were here from California. Ray, Danny and Kenny were sitting in my mom’s house, telling stories. Man, those guys can tell stories. I sure miss hearing them.


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